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I'm trying to create a traffic light display on Kibana. I found a project on Github ( Link ), however I would like to know if there is a way to do it without installing it. For instance, if we have a switch that returns the value 0 if it is down, what could we do on Kibana?

I have also been working with mustache syntax (markdown visualize) so that from a certain value it shows me a signal (like Up or Down), nevertheless, I was not able to do so.

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You can do something that achieves a similar result as the traffic light, by using just a simple Metric visualization.
Create it, make it display the value that you want to determine the "traffic light" colors on and then you can go to the Options tab and configure it like this.

Important options for your use case here:
Ranges: Here you define the ranges in which the colors will change. In my example I set them so that the current value for my metric fits in the Yellow color.
Color Schema: Choose what color schema fits your use case. If large values are bad values, go for Green to Red
But if low values are bad, select the Reverse Color Schema checkbox.
As for Style, you can set to have the background colored or the text colored, whichever fits your use case better, I recommend Background for a White Theme dashboard and Text for a Dark Theme dashboard.


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