RAG traffic light integration for disk used

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We have been trying to integrate the health status of disk used in our dashboard views using metricbeat against filemounts on linux and windows machines.

However, I see incorrect categorization using below plugin against 6.2.1

would appreciate if someone can suggest on this topic,


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I have no idea about this plugin. But the Metrics visualization in Kibana already supports coloring by ranges. Check out the Options tab when creating the visualization.

(Mahesh M) #3

Agree partially to it Steffen. Color changes can be implemented, but the size it occupies on the whole of dashboard matters, when it comes to monitoring a bunch of servers (example: 25). Dashboard becomes more clumsy.

to avoid it, better option is to have traffic lights view, that helps in not occupying too much of space, while the main dashboard shows if the thresholds are exceeded or not. (if thresholds exceeds, then we can navigate to respective detailed views and action accordingly).

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As your problem is very kibana specific, maybe you can get some more help in the kibana forums.

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Hi all, need guidance to customize kibana with traffic lights visualization.

Changed to Kibana forums.

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I was asked to change request group to Kibana, Please correct if this is the right forum to put the mentioned query.


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