Kibana training - looking for advanced users materials

Hey All,
Looking for Kibana training materials for advanced users.
What can you recommend?
Thank you!

I guess that depends what you want to do.
Have you seen

Thanks @warkolm
Looking for materials for users.
So the users get the environment ready with the data loaded, many dashboards already exist, Canvas as well. They have basic knowledge of searching, visualization creating, dashboards creating and canvas workpads.
Want to train users with advanced dashboarding skills (Creating and editing), advanced search skills, Advanced canvas skills, etc. If there are "Tips and Tricks", it is also welcomed.

So I wonder what is the next level for Kibana users after they have done all the basics?

By the way, they cannot control the data and data flow. So indexing and document structures are not relevant. Only (limited) Kibana access.


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