How to use Kibana as an end-user

I am needing to link end-users to an instructional How-To guide on using already-built Kibana dashboards.

All the instructional videos and How-To's I'm finding are regarding how to build dashboards - are there any that just go over how to create searches, how to add/remove filters etc..? I know it's pretty intuitive but there are inevitably people that come across these dashboards and don't know how to efficiently use them.

googling around i found this one which shows some basics:

and here is something about search:

Thanks for the reply.

I'm using Kibana7 - should have mentioned that initially. I also found the DigitalOcean link, but it's on Kibana4 it appears, the differences seem substantial enough that I'd be hesitant to link coworkers or customers there.

With regards to the Elastic link, I'm moreso looking for a basic tutorial on using dashboards, rather than the discover tab. I have plenty of valuable dashboards created but was hoping there would be a "How to Use Kibana Dashboards" that would go over creating/removing/editing filters, using the Search functionality from within a dashboard etc.

I will probably end up just making my own tutorial but wanted to check if Elastic had made something. I've been developing on Elastic for nearly four years and every time I deploy a new service with a Kibana frontend, I end up either making a tutorial or otherwise fielding questions on how to drive the dashboard. It has become much more intuitive since Kibana3, however people will always have questions when dealing with a new interface that doesn't have a tutorial.

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