Kibana dashboards


Finally I have Kibana showing good dashboards. But to share there these, seen that it can be done thru creating a share link.
Using Shared link exposes all the menu items, which I do not want my end users to see/control it.
Using IFrame link and use my own webpage to show all these dashboards, I do not get the search functionality in that iFrame.

[I have seen posts, where people have posted to have 2 Kibana instances with Admin and User access, but I do not like that concept of having 2 instances]. It should be one instance where SHARING a link should disable everything and should target an end USER.

Does anyone has some kind of plug in or something that can expose the dashboards to end users (with Search functionality) and disabling all the menu's ?


(Mark Walkom) #2

There's nothing I have seen that provides this.

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