URL to Kibana as an interface

I'm wanting to form a URL from my application that can send a user into Kibana with custom parameters for dashboards or Discover searching. Is this a supported interface into Kibana?

How do I responsibly link into Kibana?

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I think it's widely accepted practice to link into Kibana with URLs that users see while they're using Kibana, and to tweak parameters like index or query, etc.

I can't find documentation that blesses this method, though.

On your dashboard generate a Snapshot link after you add what filters you want to be customizable. Then you can replace the parameters in the URL to match the filters you want.

Keep in mind any change in the dashboard will require updating that link. It's a snapshot of what the current dashboard looks like. If you add another element or move something the link needs to be generated again.

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Thanks for your reply.

I'm taking it as a sort of "generally understood" truth that one can link into Kibana with parameters this way since I see Elasticians demonstrating it. :+1: (The docs actually do seem to legitimize this technique generally with something similar (linking to dashboard by title).)

I think this method only works for un-shortened URLs, so I think that means we have to be careful not to have too complex a dashboard with IE-using customers.

Oh, wait- This only applies to dashboards, right? Are integrators discouraged from tweaking Discover URLs?

I was talking about Dashboards. You can do the same with Discover but it has the same downsides.


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