Kibana 5.1 link

We are having Kibana 5.1 and I would like to create a link to specific dashboard with filter parameter.

How link to kibana dashboard with filter for parameter "from" should look like?
This isn't working... :smiley:

When you apply a filter, the URL should update itself automatically. You can either just copy and share the URL directly from your browser, or you can use the "Share" menu at the top to copy a sharable URL.

Ah, thanks! :slight_smile:

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One more question. Is there any way how to keep the time range?
I made a link in data table with parameter from one dashboard to another through scripted fields -> translate string to url. But the time change according my time in link. If I don't set it at all it used some default time. How can I keep the time range from first dashboard if the link is already created?

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