Using Kibana Effectively


I have gotten my data to flow through the ELK stack, but I am having some issues with using the data. For example, in this dashboard I see that there are some warnings and errors in the bottom right. Is there a way to expand this and see more details on it? How can I see what errors are showing up?

What is a good workflow from going to graphs and visualizations, to meaningful actionable data? What are some known guides that I can watch to learn how to use Kibana effectively?

If you want to see more details there you need to configure drilldowns for the dashboard. That one is a just a sample dashboard that allows people to have a cursory look at their data.
I highly recommend to do the Data Analyst course as Kibana is complex and how you use it will depend a lot on what you need from it: Free and Open Search: The Creators of Elasticsearch, ELK & Kibana | Elastic

Unfortunately, that course is too expensive for me. Could you give me some pointers on how to get my desired result? I want to make a table that shows failed login attempts. I am getting the data from Winlogbeat. I want the table to have a column for "What account the person tried to login to" "The time the login attempt was made". I have messed around with the visualization library and can't seem to figure it out.