ELK Database with Error Analysis

Hello all,
I'm completly new to elasticsearch. I just want to get some opinions from some folk about a project i'm currently working on.

I want to visulize data which is coming from out database ( 35 columns ).
To be more precise I want to catagolize how many of the data which is going over the wire is successful.
This information is stored in one of the columns (Success/Error), also the reason why something went wrong in the form of Error codes is saved in the columns.
Later I want to get store I want the database ID of all entries which went wrong to deal with them later.

Right now I'm doing CSV-exports of the data via python an load it into a ELK Stack, and trying to visulize this with Kibana...

Is there a better way to get the data out of the database to Kibana?
Do somebody know a good example I can look on to get that project forward?
Are there any triggers build in I can work with?
Like loading data all 100 db-entries or all 15 minutes?

I'm glad over any help


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