Kibana is not displaying the data in the visualization though it recognizes it

Good morning everyone

I quite new ELK stack

I am trying to apply it for a project

I have been trying to display geo-points but I have been largely unsuccessful, Ihave checked through a lot of topics and applied it but I am been unsuccessful so far. In my toils I came across the File Data Visualizer and was following the tutorial on Aftershock Therapy with Elasticsearch and CSV Data Import, it was very easy and went extremely well until I needed to visualize the data. Kibana found no error at all, but it doesnt display the data both from the visualization dashboard I used from the tutorial and the one I tried to create. Is there something I am missing out.
I will really appreciate every instruction and counsel

I am using the latest Kibana and Elastisearch 6.7.0

I have spent countless hours and days doing this. I am losing mind

I finally found a way. I am so elated

I only clicked on "Fit Data Bounds" and it zoomed to where my data was

I will now use my own data to test run this

ELK rocks

Glad you found a solution, and thanks so much for posting it here in case others have the same issue. Glad you like the products!

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