Kibana visaulization : It is not displaying any data

Hi Team:

I am trying to visualize the data in elasticseach using kibana. Data is already loaded in elasticsearch and i can browse the data using head plugin. I tried creating(importing) a index in Kibana and it did show the index information ( name, fields, etc) and created the index.

Now, when i try to discover the data using discover wizard, it shows nothing.

I verified that the kibana is connected to elasticsearch ( it is able to fetch index information from ES).

How do i debug kibana ? and what could be wrong here ?


Have you configured your Kibana index pattern to include the index(es) where you store your data? Are you looking at the correct date interval? Does your data have a timestamp field you can use and is Kibana configured to use it?

Thanks Magnus. I found the answer. Since i am new to Kibana, i didn't realize the timerange.
I was looking at the wrong timerange. Infact, increasing the range ( top right corner of Kibana) helped me visualize the data.