No data being displayed in Kibana


I created visualizations on fly through curl. However, it does not display data.

I have created visualizations by doing as follows

  1. Exporting an already built visualization in JSON
  2. Modifying the index_name and field names of JSON
  3. Importing back the visualization

The visualizations are created in Kibana, they have the same visualization name and refer the index pattern and fields I want. However it does not display any data (graphs)

Can anyone explain what is the problem with the way I am doing ?

Problem might be caused by different time zone on ES server and machine producing the data. Can you please check the timestamp for the period of time the data is in ?

Also more logs would help.


I have checked the timeframe and timezone it seems correct. The visualization shows data if I create manually. However, once I try to export in JSON and change the index name and some fields of that index and import the edited JSON new visualizations do get created but does not show data.

can u plz share the index name ? if its 6.0+ it needs to be an id .

Yes it is 6.2 and yes I changed the index ID. I have custom index ID, for each indexes

Can you please provide a sample of your data what you have indexed via your JSON, and also the exact steps you have undertaken . Do logs convey anything ? Screenshots would help too.

Is security enabled?


Yes, the security was enabled. However, the problem was the variable name I created to replace data from JSON was overlapping with filter query and hence the filter query got modified. Thank you for your help

Thanks for posting back what your solution was to help other community members.


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