Hello guys , i was wondering how to make a sum aggregation in kibana TSVB Graph

kibana version 7.4.0


Dear haythem,
Thank you for your question!
There's an example in the Kibana v7.4 TSVB documentation that shows how to create a sum aggregation for the different visualization types that TSVB allows you to create. Click here. For a sum aggregation, select the 'sum' option from the aggregation field drop-down on the Metrics tab.

@cheiligers Dear cheiligers , thanks for your reply , what i meant was how to write a sum query in query string text box on the annotation panel , i don't know if this is possible or not.

@haythem, the query string text box only accepts valid lucene and (if you're on a version that accepts KQL), KQL simple query string queries. If what you're wanting to do isn't an option at the moment, feel free to open a feature request.

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