Kibana Unhealthy / Cannot terminate instance (Elastic Cloud)

Hi Community,

I've logged the following as a (critical) support request, but perhaps someone can assist. I have an hosted service where Kibana (v7.12.0) went unhealthy and will not restart.

Even though I am logged in as the root account holder, Terminate Kibana tells me:

To access the resource [u:/deployments/<long number removed>/kibana], the user must have the required authorization.

Is this something that only support can address - or is there something else I can do?

(sorry if this is a newbie question...)


Thanks for reaching out but yes, this request should be handled through Elastic Cloud's support. They'll also have a lot more access to configuration and logs to better assist you. Best of luck!


Thanks Aaron - yes, being handled by support. Worrying how something like this can happen with a managed service - and which I can't directly fix...

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