Kibana usage monitoring


Is something exist into Kibana to get users usage ?

I mean :

  • Authentication success/failure by users, role and by teams
  • Dashboard consulted/created/modified

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Thomas R.

You can enable auditing to keep track of security-related events such as authorization success and failures. Logging these events enables you to monitor Kibana for suspicious activity and provides evidence in the event of an attack. Audit logs are disabled by default. To enable this functionality, you must set to true in kibana.yml .

Use the Kibana audit logs in conjunction with Elasticsearch’s audit logging to get a holistic view of all security related events. Kibana defers to Elasticsearch’s security model for authentication, data index authorization, and features that are driven by cluster-wide privileges.

look at Log users and query in audit log - for more implementation ideas.

Hope this helps

Thanks for your detailed answer.

It is exactly what I was looking for :smiley:

Is this option a part of the basic xpack license ?

It seems not included :

Audit logging is Gold, Platinum, Enterprise as described in

Our Cloud offering comes with an x-pack license which makes this functionality available as well:

Hope it helps

Oki good to know. Thanks for your replies. :slight_smile:

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