Audit Logging in kibana

Hi everyone,

We want to monitor the users logging by the Audit logging feature. Can someone tell how to do that Audit logging in kibana?

Hi @owais,

the feature is available for Gold++ licences, you can read more here:,the%20event%20of%20an%20attack.

Hi Marta,

Thanks for reaching out to me.

Kindly guide me with the following query? .

Is there any dashboard monitoring for Audit Logging feature?


Owais Khalid

Can you kindly tell is there any way how to monitor the activity of users in kibana ?
kindly let me know how to achieve this feature in kibana?
also tell me from where can we find kibana.yml file?
I didnt installed elasticsearch kibana, i just used the kibana from elasticsearch platform( hosted version of Kibana).
kindly guide.


sorry I didn't get your question right before. For logging activity of the Kibana users, there's no user activity monitoring implented yet. It's in the process of building, for more information you can track this issue:

Hi Marta,

I have a query regarding kibana, I assigned a role to a user (lets say User1). After some days that role was revoked from that user. I want to track who revoked that role from that user(User1) ?

Owais Khalid

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