Kibana User Guide Download in PDF

Is there a way I can download the Kibana user guide in PDF (or any similar output). - I basically need all of this so I can use this offline in a sense for training etc. I thought about downloading the HTML but this will obviously look silly without a browser...

EDIT: I should probably add that this is for training for myself. I'm not using it in any commercial way.

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There is no current way to download the Kibana documentation from

However, you can build the documentation and create a bundle for offline use

  1. Install yarn 1.6
  2. Checkout out the kibana repo
  3. open command prompt in KIBANA_HOME
  4. Run yarn kbn bootstrap to install and build required dependencies
  5. Run node scripts/docs.js to build documentation.
  6. tar directory KIBANA_HOME/html_docs and transport zip to offline network
  7. untar html_docs and open html_docs/index.html in your browser on the offline network

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