Kibana user without password

I am trying to setup user which has no password problem
this user will only have read access to dashboard

goal here is that I can send this link to anyone and they should be able to see dashboard.

is it possible?

current cluster has multiple user, roles and spaces
using certificate created by elk "elasticsearch-certutil "

I just want one user who anyone can access inside company network without any authentication. and will assign this to space which has only read access.

Hi, Kibana will not prompt for authentication if the requests already include Authorization headers for a valid user. The link that you share should point to a proxy server that reverses the traffic back to a Kibana server, and adds the Authorization headers to the requests before passing them through. Users will be able to navigate Kibana as if they logged in as the user configured into the proxy.

The relevant docs on how this work in Kibana are here:

To set up and configure the reverse proxy to automatically authenticate users into Kibana, you'll have to refer to the documentation for the proxy of your choice :slight_smile:

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Great that is what I want to confirm it.

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