Kibana - using include/exclude pattern

I'm trying to configure more than 1 scrum in Kibana UI, by using include/exclude pattern for x-axis
I saw in forums that it consist regex. I've tried to use .+?(one or more expression) , but with no success
Any idea how to do that?

Not sure I understand what your attempting to do. What is a scrum? Can you give me an idea of the data you have and the visualization your are looking to get?

In terms of include/exclude you might be referring to the Lucene query syntax, more info here.

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scrum == project.
I'm trying to filter my bar chart. e.g, display only 2 out of 8 projects measuring in my graph
I looked over the linked you sent(and the inner link for the official Lucene doc of query) and I'm not sure it's what I need
I'm trying to find a proper regex for my needs
I want to use the UI features - include and exclude pattern - to set it

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