Need help using Include Pattern in Kibana visualization

Kibana 4.3, ES 2.1

I have logs with a field name details that store file paths from a private cloud storage server. Examples of data:


I want to create a Data Table visualization that shows certain file paths with extensions like .docx and .xlsx that are accessed most frequently. The Data Table visualization contains only two columns: details and Count

By default, the visualization will display all file path/extentions because I turn on analyzer for the field details. Can I use Include Pattern under Advanced of the visualization to filter only the extensions I need? If yes, what is the syntax of Include/Exclude Pattern. I have not found any documentation/help related to this feature.

You can actually filter the visualization via the search bar at the top of the page. This search will even be saved along with the visualization. Likewise, you can create filters on Discover tab and pin them or create filters by clicking values in the data table and those will also filter and be saved with the visualization.

Thanks for your suggestion, I've tried filter and search. Just wonder how those Include/Exclude patterns work.