Kibana vega chart timeline graphs, need to show some expectation with static value comparing with actual value

I have need to show batches execution in our env, I am able show this using existing index data.

But i have another need to show some expected batch execution with value avg execution time. To compare and show if execution took more time today? if no batch executed today?

Do we have any such example where we can show some some static data like taken from cron tab and show in same or different vega timeline graph.
In cron tab i have jobs details as per day/hours/minutes.
And as my existing timeline graph is working with time section , i only want to show selected day expected jobs at predefined time.

Thanks in advance


Not sure if we have an example for this specific case, but you may want to try these blog resources published by one of our engineers who is heavily involved with the Vega work. Hope it helps!


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