Kibana vega lite concat views


I am starting to learn vega lite for building visualizations in kibana, and I need to use hconcat for displaying plots horizontally, however I am having issues with the autosize. If i set the autosize to 'none', the plot disappears. If I set the autosize to type "fit-x" or "fit-y" the plot appears but with an error ' Height "container" only works for single views and layered views', with the same error for width. Furthermore, if I choose vconcat (instead of hconcat), or just concat, the views are always in line, and nothing changes. I tried to find solutions online, but with no luck, so any help will be greatly appreciated!

Hi @MTV, can I ask what version of Kibana you are using?

Hi @ying.mao , thanks for your reply! After the upload to kibana 7.14 the autosize issue with concat views was solved, and the warnings are now clear. I know that this is not part of my question, but just for the record, scrollbars are still not working in concat views.

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