Scroll bar doesn't work properly

im using vega. (no vega-lite)

and Kibana version is 6.4.1, and $schema is ''.

im drawing graph via vega.
and there are a lot of X-Axis properties.
so, i cant using 'autosize : fit'.
when i using 'autosize:fit', i cant see it. too many perperties in Y-Axis to see.

so i must to use 'autosize:pad'.
i configed "height : 3000" . so graph's height is tall, but scroll bar doesn't extended.

i cant see under-side properties like this.

following is my conf's start parts.

  "$schema": "",
  "autosize" : {
    "type" : "pad",
    "resize" : true
  "height" : 3000,
  "width" : 300
  "padding" : 50,

how can i make scroll bar working properly?

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