Kibana Visualisation - Chart


I have the below two fields exacted from the json.

Body.bagDetails.bagScans.bagScanDtl.scanLclDtm : April 11th 2018, 19:29:23.000
Body.bagDetails.bagScans.bagScanDtl.pbRemark : PIER 29

I want to put a correlation graph, so that field
Body.bagDetails.bagScans.bagScanDtl.scanLclDtm will be in X axis and value of field Body.bagDetails.bagScans.bagScanDtl.pbRemark should be plotted the Y axis.

Kindly assist.!

The problem with doing something like this is that you can have multiple values in a single time bucket. For example, what if you had another doc indexed with pbRemark of PIER 30 on the same timestamp? Or if not on the same timestamp, in the same time range for the chart uses for the x axis.

What about using a date histogram with a split series, you can get something like this:

Using a heatmap chat, you can do something like this too:

Though it isn't very pretty and since you don't seem be be caring about a numerical value, the color doesn't mean much (esp if it's one value per timestamp, it'll all be the same color).

Hope this helps or gives you some areas to start exploring!

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