Kibana Visualization [Line Chart] How to Split By "Filters" and "Terms" in single visualization

Hi all,

I have a ES dataset containing a term uri_path, which can contain a mix of static strings and dynamic strings.
Static values (i.e they don't contain dynamic parts in the path):


Dynamic values (i.e these values contain dynamic parts in the path):


What I want to achieve is, to have a Line chart visualisation wherein, I can split lines by "Terms" (term being uri_path), but also group the dynamic values into single lines, like:

All `/api/users/<username>/info` values into a single line , 
All `/api/profiles/<profileId>/info` values into its own line etc.

Using "Filters" I can do the grouping, but then I lose the "Split By Terms" functionality which splits all values by unique uri_path values.

Any suggestions on how I can combine the functionalities of "split by terms" and "Split by Filters" in same visualisation. Or any other way this kind of visualisation can be achieved?

Appreciate any tips/suggestions I can get from the community.

Hi Kashif,
so if I understand correctly, you want to have 2 breakdown by dimensions? This is unfortunately impossible right now in Lens, but you can check out legacy Visualize Line chart. Would that work for you?

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