Kibana Visualization: need a solution to get range(average(utilization), min, max)

Hi Friends,

We have a list of machines with and it's data like date, names, and utilization as mentioned below:

date machine_name utilization
01-10-2022 machine_a 10
01-10-2022 machine_b 5
01-10-2022 machine_c 50
02-10-2022 machine_a 15
02-10-2022 machine_b 40
02-10-2022 machine_c 14
03-10-2022 machine_a 1
03-10-2022 machine_b 5
03-10-2022 machine_c 30

Here, I need to fetch the list of machines whose average utilization of a machine is less-than(<) 10 for last 3 days.

It would be great if you could possibly guide me to create a visualization with this requirement.

Expected formula:
min = 0
max = 10
range(average(utilization), min, max)

Hi @Lakshmi_Narayana_Red,

I can't see a way to directly achieve that. The closest I could come is this lens table visualization:

But maybe someone else in community knows of a solution?

Thank you for your answer @weltenwort !

I aware of this way of getting the average, but I need hosts whose average utilization is less-than 10.

I can think of a query involving a bucket_select pipeline aggregation after a terms agg on the hostname field, which would return that information via the search API, but I don't know of a way to get the table visualization to perform such a query. Maybe you can use the "vega" visualization type as an escape hatch?

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