Kibana visualization options tab does not save HTML fields

We developed a Visualization on Kibana 5.1.1. In the "Options" tab of the Visualization, there is an "Add Range" button which when clicked adds a block of HTML code (text boxes and color fields) to the Options tab. Based on the values in the text box and colors the visualization is displayed. Refer to the first image below.

The issue we are facing is, after adding a Range block to the Options tab and saving the visualization. Whenever we reopen the saved Visualization the added Range block disappears (Image below). How do we retain this dynamically added HTML block in the Editor Template(Options Tab).

hi @satyad,

this looks like a bug. Can you open an issue in the Kibana repo ? thx

thanks @thomasneirynck. Had already posted this issue on github earlier (Issue# : #9976) , and was asked to post it here.

hi @satyad, sorry for the mixup in cross-posting.

This is going to be somewhat of a broad response, since every visualization is different.

All visualizations in Kibana are Angular controllers, and state of the Options-panel is stores on the angular-scope ($scope.vis.params generally), which gets saved with the Visualization.

On startup of the controller, you'll need to ensure that the HTML is recreated according to what's set there.

You can also look for an example to the Heatmap-chart, which has a similar range UI that you are developing (it's 5.2 but the principle is similar to 5.1.2).

Yeah @thomasneirynck. I realized that a little later and modified the code so that ranges get stored in a variable in $scope.vis.params object. Got it working. Thanks a lot for the response and surely this is not a bug as reported earlier.

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