Kibana visualization perform calculation off user date input

I know we use the datepicker in visualizations to show only that date range in results, but is there a way to do more complex calculations with the user date input? Specifically I've been asked by a customer to show:
"the count of items where topic.keyword = “order”, and create date is date = input date, divided by count of items where topic.keyword = “order”, and create date > input date"
Does kibana have any capability like this where we can use the same date input twice? Nothing I've come across yet suggests this is possible though I am new to elassticsearch and kibana. Would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction

This exact thing is not possible in Kibana and Elasticsearch as it deals a lot with data aggregations (buckets). You can use it to see something like a trend in orders, based on each day by increasing the time interval in the timepicker and setting the date histogram interval in a chart to 1 day.

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