Kibana Visualization takes time to load in 6.7.2

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I was using Kibana 5.5.2 to create a data table visualization. I am using @timestamp in a terms aggregation. The bucket size was set to 100000. On this version of Kibana the Visualization was rendered in less than 20 sec.

We migrated to Kibana 6.7.2 and imported the same visualization. Now we notice that this same visualization is taking about 20-30 mins to render. We tried decreasing the bucket size to 10000 and the time to render has reduced, but it still takes about 3 mins.

I understand that bucket size of 100000 is huge but I want to know why it was rendering quickly in 5.5.2 and the same takes a considerable amount of time in 6.7.2. In fact, time taken to render 100000 buckets in 5.5.2 is lesser than time taken to render 10k records in 6.7.2.
Time taken by the query to execute on elastic is the same in both the cases. The problem is with the time taken by Kibana to render the results.

Thanks in advance.

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@AnoopKN is there any chance you could run a test and see what times looks like after migrating into 7.10?

@tiagocosta Yes I have tested this on 7.9.2 as well and the results are quite similar to 5.5.2, at least for bucket sizes up to 10k. Have not tested beyond that because of Elastic's 10k bucket size limit.

I would really like to understand what are the changes in 6.x version of Kibana that is causing this issue and if there is any workaround for it.

@AnoopKN that it will be difficult to say or isolate as one. Starting on 7.x we did a significant amount of improvements and performance optimizations around our own internal performance and on the bundling of the app itself. I would say the best path for you would be to use the most up to date versions :slightly_smiling_face:

@tiagocosta Thanks for the response. We are planning to use the 7.x version for our future releases but that is at least 4-5 months away.
The problem here is that some of our clients have upgraded from 5.x to 6.x and there is no answer we have for them as to why the performance has gone down. And in such a scenario it becomes difficult to convince the client for a further upgrade.

@AnoopKN after some internal discussion we've found a PR that was introduced in 7.x that could explain some of the rendering improvements vs 6.x. Probably not enough to justify all the differences you're seeing but it's worthing taking a look at it


@tiagocosta This was helpful.
Any similar PR that could explain the performance degrade in the 6.x version could be helpful :slight_smile:

@tiagocosta any new updates on this?
We are looking to identify the reason for the performance degrade on 6.x and any help on this would be much appreciated.


@AnoopKN the only PR that caught our attention was the one I mentioned. The other ones are related to other kind of improvements like bundle sizes.

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