Kibana Visualizations - Data Table

I am very new to ELK and am probably jumping into the deep end but I have setup an elk server to take in the logs from our firewall. It is doing just that without issue (using netflow and syslog for now). My problem is with visualizations. First my complaint. I find all of these people online who created awesome visualizations for monitoring network devices but there is not a how to for any of them. So I am milling my way through it.

My problem. I am trying to display a table of the top 5 unique denied ip addresses at any time on the router. Right now the table shows the IP address (from GeoIP) and the count. I would like it to have some additional data such as GeoIP location. This could help when determining if my firewall is being scanned/attacked as well as just provide me some additional detail for my dashboard. Is there a way to add a field to a data table??

(the very new guy)

Brad - You're right, not a ton of guidance on specifically how to do stuff in all instances, though for some examples you can check out the examples repo: We'd love your contributions to this as well once you figure out your firewall example. What kind of firewall is it?

For your specific questions, though not ideal, if your IP maps uniquely to city name, this would work:


I am working on monitoring our Cisco ASA first. I would like to get everything on our network reporting through elasticsearch in near realtime. :slightly_smiling:

Thats my goal. I want to know why the help desk is getting the call before we answer the phone.