Kibana - Visualize fields added by Enrich processor

Using ES 7.6.2, I have added an enriched field to my indexed documents, using the Enrich processor. I can see my new field in my documents on the Kibana Discovery tab.

Example result:

    "original_match_field": "some_value",
    "enrich_field_1": {
        "original_match_field": "some_value", 
        "new_enrich_field": "some_other_value"

I can select an enriched field as a column on my Discovery tab (ex: "enrich_field_1.new_enrich_field")

When I try to create a visualization for an enriched field (ex. a Pie chart), the nested "enrich_field_1" objects are not displayed for selection.

Am I not able to visualize enriched fields in Kibana?

You may have to refresh your index pattern in Kibana for the fields to be available for querying

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Thanks for the suggestion.

The index with the enrichment was a new index brought in to Kibana, so that was not my problem but I understand needing, at times, to be sure that the mapping in Kibana for an index that has been changed is up-to-date (refreshed).

There was most likely something going on in the way my ingest pipeline with the enrich processor was working - made a few tweaks and everything is working the way I need it to.

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