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hey all,

apologies but currently I am new to Elastic and Kibana and need some guidance. I have a custom app that puts an index that contains a 'payload' field which is a String and stored as-is. That 'payload' field is overloaded and can contain different types e.g. Integer, Floats, String depending on another field called 'path'. If the 'path' is equal to some fixed value A the 'payload' field should be interpreted as a string otherwise if the 'path' field is equal to B the 'payload' field should be interpreted as an integer.

I was wondering if I want to create a time series graph in Kibana that displays this 'payload' field when the 'path' field is equal to B. Since it's a string I can't select it in Kibana so I need to convert it to an Integer "on-the-fly". Wondering if this is possible? Assuming I can not change the source app but do the processing of the field in Elastic/Kibana part.

Will appreciate some ideas and guidance.



Scripted fields might help you here?

Please note they are expensive in terms of operations cost. If you can make mapping work at the site your data ingestion - it might get easier.


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