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sory if this question has been asked, but I cant seem to find via google.
I have a basic setup, where I want to filter in visualize section whole IP traffic in numbers form - e.g. how many times has been used goes on top, and if one IP is used one time in month - i want to know about it too. On the left side menu it looks like this:
Metric Count

Split Rows destIP.keyword: Descending
Split Rows srcIP.keyword: Descending

So when I do search: srcIP:
I get results how many times to what destination IP this is bound to. The problem is - I have IPs that dont show up in results, lets say its destination IP . But when i search specifically for that - it does show up, even bound to . Also, results are always only 2 pages for this range. When I search for something else, it can go beyond to even 5 pages or so, so its not a search limit of some kind? Or is it? Thanks for the help.

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Hi ,
Can you please let us know which version are you on ? I will try and reproduce the issue on the same version ( and may be add a gif too?)


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