Kibana visualize problem2

(Abu Sayeed) #1

my visualize data table:


system.auth.hostname = pc1

system.auth.hostname = pc3

How can I create a visualize bar which will show all that information?


(Spencer Alger) #2

In the standard "Vertical/Horizontal Bar Chart" visualization, the bars can only be split up twice (have two dimensions): once on the x-axis and once within the bars themselves (called "Split series" in the visualize UI).

The table you are showing has three dimensions: ip, username, and remote host.

If you want to render a bar chart that is split by three dimensions you can, but you can't do it all within the bars, you'll have to split the chart by one dimension.

This is an example that first splits the charts by username so that each username has its own chart. It then splits the bars on the x-axis by remote_host, and splits the bars within each remote_host by the ip. You can see that hovering over a part of one bar shows how that part of the visualization is defined by three dimensions:

(Abu Sayeed) #3

Thanks. It work for me.

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