Kibana 7.1.0 Data Table Split Twice by Table

Switched over from Kibana 6.3.1 to Kibana 7.2.0 and it looks like there was a change to the Data Table visualization. In 6.x.x we could split a Data Table viz by table twice in order to split into columns twice. Now there is only split by table for a single dimension, and then the option is gone. Is this a change that was decided on? What are the work arounds to create many Data Table visualizations without creating many visualizations themselves?


You could try using the Data Table option from the Visual Builder visualization and check if that allows you to the second split.

Hi Marius,

Are you referring to the "Visual Builder" visualization type? I do not believe that visualization allows you to split by table at all. It appears that I can add many metrics to the table from the "Visual Builder" but splitting into a table of tables is not possible. Would you have instructions on how to do it? or perhaps an example?

Thank you!

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