How to get data split by columns in Data table visualization while using "filters" in sub-aggregation

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I am trying to build a data table visualization which will provide data with "filters" sub-aggregation in different columns in a single file.

When I use "Split Table" within buckets, I get as many files as the number of filters.

When I use "Split Rows", it gives me data in a single file, which is what I want, but I want them in different columns not in different rows.

How can I get this in different columns like this?
|0022princess|2400 |2501 |2475 |2492 |
|0025round |21132|21612|21068|21448|

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This isn't possible with the data table at the moment (see However, you could use the heat map with labels enabled as a possible workaround:

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Hi Bargs,

I am using Kibana Version 4.6.6 and I don't see any heatmap option while creating visualization. Also, I doubt heatmap will be a help as I need this for lots of data (around 30k buckets), that's why I was looking for data table option.

Any suggestions to it using data-table!

Also, the issue that you have linked talks about Pivot Table as visualization. Is this already out in newer version of Kibana?

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Ah sorry, the heatmap vis was added in version 5.2.

Unfortunately the data table simply can't do this yet, even in the newest versions of Kibana. This issue might be even more relevant for you. The best advice I can give is for you to add a comment or a :+1: to those issues to express your interest.

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