Kibana report cut short


I have a visualization in Kibana of type "Data Table" that goes something like:

Metric: Count

Split Table: field1
Split Table: field2
Split Table: date1
Split Rows: field3

This is all ok when I have the "Edit visualization" page open but when I create a report from it, I get a pdf with only a small subset of the data.

I actually only really get one "bottom level" vertical table split, so in the example above I could get one value of field1, one value of field2, one value for date, and all the rows for field3.

Apologies if this is unclear, I can try to explain further if required..

@Conall_Prendergast currently Reporting sizes all visualizations (include DataTables) to 1950 by 1200, which can be overridden by setting the following settings: xpack.reporting.capture.viewport.width and xpack.reporting.capture.viewport.height. You might try tweaking these settings to get more of your data.

We're actively working on improving this experience, and to treat DataTables differently than other visualizations.

@Brandon_Kobel Thanks for the help.
The problem with this solution is that it doesn't overflow to new pages as required.
Any idea when this fix will be in?


@Conall_Prendergast we don't have an estimated date/release; however, it's one of the high priority items that we're working on.

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