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Hi guys,

I am looking to create reports. I have a dashboard with users that have failed to logon and want to create a report that shows each failed logon with the username and timestamp.

I have so far got this:

Is there any way to remove the 'count' from the right side? It has no use here. Also how can I make sure the report prints each line of the visualization as I had set 'per page' to 10. So if I set per page to say 300, I just get a load of empty lines in the report, how do I just print lines that are populate?



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The columns in the Visualization are what will be included in the Report, you can remove the column from the visualization and then it won't be included in the Report. If you use the "preserve layout" option present in 6.1.0 then you can customize the size of the visualization in the report per:

Data tables are treated like all existing visualizations, so we don't dynamically size the visualization based on the actual content in the table.

Let us know if this helps...


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