Trying to recreate a report in Kibana

I have this report that counts and shows changes between quarters.
This simple table represents a few challenges I cannot find a kibana solution for.

  1. How to show a column with the difference between previous columns
  2. How to create this table with the terms (PMs, VMs) in the rows instead of columns

Any suggestions are welcome on those 2 challenges.

Original report:

My Kibana attempt:
I unique-count my VMs and PMs and I have the "Average VMs/Host" also stored and easy to display


Hi there, I think what you've built so far is about as close as the Data Table vis can get to the table you shared. As of 6.0, we have an experimental Time Series Visual Builder visualization which you can use to create a table with custom columns. If you're looking for pivot table functionality, you can follow this issue for progress on this feature.


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