Kibana - Avg Table visualization for two different dates

Hello experts,

I am trying to visualize some date into Kibana table. But unable to generate comparative table of two different dates like below. I can visualize it as a graph but , I want it as a table.

Sample Data in the logs looks like :

Expected output of table should be :

Please help me.

If your dates are fixed you can do this with TSVB (time series visual builder).

On my screenshots I use the Kibana Sample Data Flights dataset and I ask for TSVB to use the entire timerange for the computations

Then for the columns I first ask to group by Carrier to configure the rows, and for I add two columns where I ask for the average of the ticket price, filtering on each for the day I'm interested

I hope this approach is useful to you.

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Thanks alot. You solved my problem.

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