Kibana data table representaion

Hello All,

I would like to dispaly the data as its shown below table.
How can this be achieved best in kibana using enhanced/data table ?
Here the challenge is the date fields are dynamice.Would have been only date fileds I suppose could have used Date histogram and split column on date.Here the fileds itself are dynamic date values.
Not sure how index template could be made for this or how to represent similar visual in kibana.
Any suggestion would be helpful thanx.

Version :7.9.1
Kibana visualization need to be made:

Percent Request Server 06-10-2022 05-10-2022 04-10-2022
0.00% workflow-2015 app101 1 200 179
0.00% requestid-1156 app103 100 1 2
1% requestid-1190 app102 9 4200 3090
2% requestid-1098 app109 109 1456 120



Achieved the desired requirement,for reference.

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