How to represent DataTable on kibana dynamically

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As per the Requirement,

There are some logs , which is filtered by Grok pattern in logstash configuration file and output updated to elasticsearch and represented by kibana (localhost:5601),

what i need is - I want dynamic representation of data-table/Chart in kibina using rest-api in java application.

Do we have any rest kinda rest api that provide this support ?

(Brandon Kobel) #2

Hey @yuganshu4042, what exactly is it that you're looking to get in the Java rest-api? Elasticsearch provides an API (and a Java client) for retrieving the underlying data without going through Kibana.

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Hi Brandon_Kobel,

I need to know , Is there is any way By which a use hit an api and get graphical representation of his data. according to his credentials only.

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@yuganshu4042 if you're using X-Pack, Reporting provides a URL that you can create a HTTP Post request to generate a PDF of a specific Visualization/Dashboard:

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Can we able to create Dynamic visualization in kibana like Data Table (Dynamically) ?
if yes then How . ?

(Brandon Kobel) #6

Hey @yuganshu4042, this isn't possible currently. Feel free to open up an enhancement request in our GitHub repo describing your specific use-case. However, please make sure to be specific for what you'd like to see implemented and your specific requirements.

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