Kibana Visulialsation for unstructued data

Hello , could Visulation like "count term aggregation be done in KIbana for Unstructred data ??

what do you mean by unstructured data? The data should be something that can be stored in ES, as Kibana only allows ES as a data source.

PDF is unstructred data,
I have worked with semi-structured data before (Csv Files) and i could create visulisation on it with kibana.

What i want to do is to made a visulization that counts the number of each words on pdf ("not in document").
is that possible ? because i 've tried and i only could have a visulization of words where the count is equal to 1 even if it is repeated 5 or 7 time (i understand its the number of document where the word)

Yeah, getting the count of terms in a field is not available in Kibana right now, but can be achieved with the ES api. This is something that's been answered here: Count words/tokens in a field in a document

yes but that result can't be visulized in a dashboard.
i need to show that as a visulisation in a dashboard

You have to build your own plugin for Kibana, unfortunately for that. It's not currently available as a feature in Kibana.

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