Kibana Vlookup Equivalent

Hi all,

I have 2 indices in an index pattern.
I want to see what are the documents which have the same fields values in both indices.
Basically like vlookup in excel.

I've tried a scripted field, but not getting approach of comparing and getting values from other document.

Any hint?

Hi @Sandeep_Raju. Can you show an example of the documents you are trying to compare? Also can you show an example of the scripted field you tried?

Another idea - to do this sort of VLOOKUP (database lookup join) is to enrich the data as it comes in (as it's indexed) or enrich the data after the fact by updating those documents.

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Graham's comments are how we usually approach this in our stack.

Enrich processor works in Elasticsearch, but i'm using Opendistro.
It doesn't work in Opendistro.
Any ideas for Opendistro?

You'd need to ask aws, as it's their product.

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