Kibana was available (Was degraded)

Hello all,

I am using version 7.16.2 for my elastic stack. I have a three node cluster implementation.

when I updated the stack to 7.16.2, I noticed following in my logs

  log   [12:00:44.067] [info][status] Kibana is now degraded
  log   [12:00:49.317] [info][status] Kibana is now available (was degraded)

I checked online and it says this happens when one or more nodes are incompatible with the cluster but I have all three nodes at 7.16.2.

Does the second message mean it is okay now ?

Can someone please tell me what to do in this situation?

Thank you,
Akhil Patel


I guess that depends on the cause. In this case, an upgrade fixed it.

Okay. Thank you Mark!