Kibana Web Interface direct links to apps

Hi together,

is it possible to get the direct links to the apps in Kibana?

For example: https://192.168.XX.XXX/app/kibana#/dev_tools/console?_g=()

--> with the anchor tag "#" it isn't possible to block the access via Nginx.

For example only the administrators (with specific IP) should be able to access the Dev Tools via the
Kibana Web Interface. But with our NGINX Config, we're only able to block the locations like
.../app/canvas without the #

Example NGINX Config:

 location /app/kibana#/dev_tools/console?_g=() {
		deny all;
		proxy_pass http://localhost:5601;

Someone could help pls, without the X-Paxck solution?

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards


this is not possible. The fragment part of the URL (#/dev_tools/console) is handled clientside and not via the server, meaning you cannot blog of parts that are just int he fragment of the URL.

Currently Discover, Visualize, Dashboard, Managament, Dev Tools are all part of the "Kibana" application and thus the routing between those will happen clientside.

There is nothing you can currently do to solve your issue (unless using x-pack which you already mentioned) or wait since we're most likely splitting up those apps into individual apps in the future (no dates or versions yet for that), once we're changing to the new platform, that is currently developed in Kibana.


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Hi Tim,

many thanks for your fast answer.

I will look how I solve my issue:)

Many thanks.

Kind regards

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