Hide or rename the kibana url


I have a typical problem wherein I am trying to hide the url that has "kibana" in it i.e. basically all the "/app/kibana#" so that the user can never see them. In other words when user accesses pages like dev_tools or management they will not see the url "..../app/kibana#/......" and instead see some other url like "..../app/crystal#/....." or the url itself is hidden etc.

Is this possible and if so I would appreciate if anyone tells me how can I achieve it.


Hey @mark_sirus, that's not possible. These routes are hard-coded and not configurable.

Thanks Brandon for your prompt reply.

Then in order to achieve this, I read that there is a way of using reverse proxy (through nginx) . I tried different configuration of it but was not successful. If I can get the exact nginx.conf so that the /app/kibana#/ request is automatically shown as /app/crystal in the url link then it would be great.


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@mark_sirus, using a reverse-proxy for this allows you to rewrite the requests which are coming in to /app/crystal/ to /app/kibana, but we generate links within Kibana which will just go to /app/kibana and there's potential this will break a lot of other things.

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