Kibana webhook parameter - Host error

My question is regarding watcher webhook host. I got 2 logstash VMs where I have loadbalanced to feed data from filebeat. Below is my webhook portion

    "dev_webhook": {
      "webhook": {
        "scheme": "http",
        "host": "'', ''",
        "port": 5001,
        "method": "get",

When I execute the watcher, I am getting below error :

" Illegal character in authority at index 7: http://''', ''':5001/Token=watcher-database-sql/Host="

Could someone please advise how to resolve this issue ? Thank you.

I'm not an expert in this domain, but it looks to me like Elasticsearch is interpreting the entire string '', '' as a single host and wrapping it into an invalid webhook URL http://''', ''':5001/Token=watcher-database-sql/Host=.

Did you see this comma-separated syntax somewhere in the docs? I only see a single hostname in the example (I'm looking here).

If you want to send to two different hosts, you may need two different webhook entries.

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