Kibana with HTTPS

Hello, I wish that Kibana is accessible in HTTPS. I created a Let's encrypt certificate. I modified the server certificate part and the certification authority part in kibana.yml. I also put on the proxy_pass of my nginx default. However, Chrome tells me that my site is inaccessible. I do not know if I put the right files in the configuration.

Another way, u can try config ssl in kibana config file : /etc/kibana/kibana.yml

Line 51: set ssl enable TRUE
Line 52: path/to/your/cert
Line53: path/to/your/key

Good luck!

I tried to modify this part of kibana.yml but it does not work. Chrome tells me that the site is inaccessible. Maybe I do not take the right files.
I don't found the crt file. I have a file.pem and file.key given by certbot. I have to try and no results.

you have to create it from your pem file.

Thank you for the link. But I was asked to use Let's Encrypt.

Why u dont have crt file when i run cerbot ?

I don't know !

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