hi guys. the Linzensen can be found in kibana under LicensingState. But i only want to issue unlicensed host. how can i do that ?

thank you.

Can elaborate on what you are trying to do? If you are using the default distribution it's set to "basic" by default which is forever free and you shouldn't have to worry about it in most cases.

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Please i want to get informations as in the following table.

Can you clarify what exactly you want to do? Do you mean getting the data from that table via API?

I want to create a dashboard that will show me information on the total number of server licenses, client licenses, and user licenses.

Can you clarify what licences you are referring to here? Are they documents stored in Elasticsearch? Please put a little more effort in stating your question and try to provide all of the context, otherwise it's very hard to give meaningful advice.

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